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Spicy Tadka
स्पाइसी तड़का

Indian restaurant and takeaway Basingstoke

Indian Restaurant And Takeaway Basingstoke

Spicy Tadka

Spicy refers to a blend of exotic spices and aromatic herbs in the correct proportions. Chaunk is the Hindi word for Tadka (Tempering in English). It improves the food's overall flavour. Our Indian chefs have a decades of talent in the preparation of Indian cuisine. Spicy Tadka is synonymous with authentic Indian cuisine of the highest caliber. Our customers will be delighted by our extensive menu. Authentic Indian delicacies, as well as some unique recipes and beverages, are on the menu Spicy Tadka has become popular in recent years in basingstoke for providing high-quality, flavourful treats at affordable pricing. Our cooks prepare fresh dishes using high-quality, fresh ingredients every time you order at Spicy Tadka. We are dedicated to giving the best service possible. Spicy Tadka Restaurants offer some of its innovation (please see spicy tadka special in the menu) which always amaze customer experience. For serving high quality and authentic mouth-watering Indian food at competitive prices, we are counted among best restaurants in the basingstoke. Spicy Tadka has unique style of cooking food as we use all fresh and quality ingredients and everything is cooked on customer order. Restaurant is committed to provide excellent hygienic and quality food, service, and an unforgettable dining experience for you and your family to enjoy for many years to come.

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Experience the authentic taste of India at Spicy Tadka Indian Restaurant, located in Basingstoke, South Central England. Our menu features classic Indian spices and dishes, perfect for a romantic dinner with your loved one. Enjoy the stunning view from our restaurant while savoring the flavors of India. Book your table today and experience the best of Indian cuisine in Basingstoke and South Central England.

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We Are Located At Basingstoke


Best Indian restaurant near you. Visit us now to taste new dishes every weekend.


Elevate your event with the tantalizing flavors of authentic Indian cuisine at Spicy Tadka Indian restaurant Basingstoke! If you’re looking to add a dash of spice and a world of taste to your special occasion, look no further. Spicy Tadka which is the best restaurant in Basingstoke gives the best catering service. Our private catering service is here to turn your gatherings, whether it’s a birthday celebration or an intimate get-together with family and friends, into a culinary experience to remember. Indulge in the richness of Indian flavors and leave your guests delighted.


Searching for the ideal venue to host friends or commemorate a special moment? Spicy Tadka Basingstoke is one of the best solutions. Our inviting ambiance and warm, attentive service guarantee a delightful experience.


Indulge in the exceptional flavors of authentic Indian cuisine wherever you desire. Our swift take away service in Basingstoke are simply a phone call away! Place your order conveniently through our website or by phone at the best Indian takeaway near you.


Join us for a delightful dining experience right in the heart of Basingstoke’s Festival Place Mall Spicy Tadka Basingstoke. If you wish to reserve a table for an Indian restaurant, please get in touch, and we’ll ensure your table is ready and waiting upon your arrival.

Spicy Tadka

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